“Clue the Musical” takes RSPAC stage


Amber Morris

A scene from the recent production of “Clue the Musical.”

Amber Morris, Assistant Editor

Live theater returned to the Red Skelton Performing Arts Center Oct. 28 – 31.

“Clue: The Musical” was performed by the Theater Program. The lively musical is based on the mystery-themed board game.

The ending of the play was different with each production. The audience never knew who the killer was, even the cast did not know until the card was revealed. The audience was also able to help figure out the killer through interaction with the cast.

Kendra Clauser, the director of the play and a professor of theater, shared her thoughts in an interview before the play.

Clauser said Clue was chosen because it was a funny, fun and recognizable title/game.  The students also had a fun time doing the play.

While some restrictions from the pandemic have been lifted, many safety protocols still needed to be followed to be able to have the play in front of a live audience.
Clauser explained how the cast used adhesive clear mask coverings on stage, then switched back to more traditional masks behind the scenes.

The benefit of the clear masks is that they are see-through and give the actors more confidence, Clauser said. The clear masks allow the audience to see the actors face and see their emotions. This also allows the actors to get more into character and know that the audience can see the expressions reflected on their face.

Clauser stated that the masks allow the air to flow better, but still covers the mouth to keep the air from slipping.

Theater productions will continue next semester. They are looking at doing a radio show based on the famous “War of The Worlds” broadcast. They will do another children’s show in the spring.