VU Students Create College-Centered Podcast: The Undergrads, Streaming Now

VU Students launch podcast aimed at college life


VU students recording a podcast

Down a winding path of hallways on the 2nd floor of Davis Hall at Vincennes University is a row of wooden doors, with each leading to rooms filled with broadcast equipment. At the hall’s dead end are two doors: one for WVUB-FM, The Blazer 91.1, the University powered radio station, and the other, for the Blazer-On-Demand studio.

The Blazer-On-Demand studio is where this story starts. It’s a large room with dim lights, and a massive console-style desk in the middle. The desk is adorned with microphones, headphones, a mixing console and computer. This is where the 7-students in Professor Eric Stidman’s audio production course congregate to record and release their show, The Undergrads.

“This show was actually their [the students] idea” said Stidman, “I just told them if we are going to do this, we are going to do it like it would be done in the industry.”

Students first researched podcast formats, styles, and scripts and were then tasked with creating a demographic and psychographic profile of the audience they wanted their podcast to reach. To keep things simple, students decided they wanted to reach other college students. After tossing several name ideas around, students in the class settled on the name, The Undergrads; a tribute to their audience.

Every Friday, students say, they meet here and discuss things that college students are likely to talk about. So far, they say they’ve covered dating, sports, conspiracy theories, food, video games and just about anything else that comes to mind. The roughly 30-minute show can be heard on AnchorFM or Spotify by searching for “The Undergrads.” New episodes, with a brand new cast, are expected to be released on Fridays throughout the spring semester.