What do professors do during the summer?


photo by Ben Edwards

Summer is fast approaching. The university’s fountain is a popular spot in warmer weather.

Summer break is just upon us, which is exciting. It means less stress for many students here at Vincennes University. For many students, summer break consists of going on vacation, working or just spending time at home. 

A big question that remains is: What do professors do over summer break since there aren’t as many classes? Just like students, professors need to have a break from school, as well.  

Professor Christopher Schneberger, assistant professor in photography in the Art and Design Department, said that he hopes to do some traveling, recuperate and get some more inspiration for the next semester. 

Along with this he will be going to a couple of conferences. Schneberger said that these conferences are photography related and education related. He added that they usually get him charged up and ready to teach again. 

“I am planning on working on my own personal work, an exhibition that I had six months ago. I need to kind of package that up and get it to museum curators and gallarists and see if I can get it out there to the world a little bit more,” Schneberger said. 

Professor Aaron Sims, a professor for English, said that he plans to teach an English Composition II summer course in July, looking over and revising some of the courses he will be teaching next semester. 

Sims said he is also going to try and do some traveling. He plans to travel to Detroit and Atlanta. Sims added that if he is lucky, he hopes to get out of the country.  

With summer just about a week away, we here at The Trailblazer wish everyone a happy and safe summer.