Modern Day Heroes: Teachers

What a year it has been. There is no doubt that this year can officially be called, “The One Where COVID-19 Changed Everything.” One of the biggest changes that was made during this year was the way students were going to attend school. It has definitely been a school year that no one is going to forget. Students have been able to attend school and further their education throughout this pandemic because of the resilient teachers and professors who have gone out of their way to still continue to conduct their classes, even with the new changes in the classroom setting. 

Chandra Breneman, who is in her fifth year of teaching Basic Skills Development: Life Skills at Linton-Stockton High School, has been working in the educational field for more than 15 years. This year has been topped as one of the more unusual years she has taught in the span of her teaching career. When asked about what has been the hardest part of teaching class during this pandemic, Brenemen mentioned:

“The difficult part of the pandemic is ensuring [that] all students’ needs are met while working remotely and in the classroom while the pandemic is prevalent in our community.”

Breneman also noted that some of the changes that have been apparent in the classroom setting in order to follow social distancing standards are the “separation of seats, reduced class sizes, and [conducting classes] on a hybrid model.” 

When asked if she thinks she is at more of a risk of catching COVID-19 while working in the classroom setting, Breneman mentioned that because of “necessary precautions while at school” and the school corporation being “avid about contact tracing,” she does not think she is at more of a risk of catching COVID-19. 

“We have faced many new challenges to ensure the safety and health of our students. We take all extra precautions seriously and notify [the] administration when issues arise,” Breneman informed.  

It really shows just how much our teachers and professors care about our educational pathways and want us to succeed in our education, when they make the effort to still come to school everyday and teach us students, even through the screens of a computer in a pandemic. 

“We are grateful to have the opportunity to be back in the school setting and teach our students following the new normal. Of course, the environment is not what we prefer, but our students are resilient and adaptable,” Brenemen said. 

Thank you Mrs. Brenemen and thank you to all of the teachers and professors who have made it possible for us students to continue down our educational pathways during this pandemic. Your hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed! 

The Trailblazer has realized that there are more than just one category of everyday heroes in the world today. Because of this, “Modern Day Heroes” will be a series of stories that features these everyday heroes.