“Appeals on Wheels” highlights justice process

Recently, the Indiana Court of Appeals brought their “Appeals on Wheels” program to the Vincennes University campus. This program brings hearings from the Court of Appeals all over the state, giving people an opportunity to see legal proceedings in action.

This is very important because it is crucial that people understand how these things work. We, as citizens of the state, need to be informed about our laws and how they are enforced. It is also important for people to understand the court system, just in case they happen to be wrapped up in some sort of legal trouble. Something else that is interesting about these events is the question and answer sessions that always precede them.  This gives citizens an opportunity to directly interact with the judges and have their own questions answered.

The citizens in attendance aren’t the only ones who benefit from these events; the judges also benefit. They get a chance to interact with people from all walks of life, which may help them understand different perspectives and viewpoints.

In addition to being very informative, it is also very interesting. It wasn’t as sensationalized as it is depicted on television but that should be expected. This was an appeal of a settlement previously awarded in a workplace discrimination suit (Knox County Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc v. Melissa [Cope] Davis) and not a murder trial or anything you would find on Law and Order.

To some that may seem like it would be boring, but this was the opposite. It was interesting to hear the attorneys formulate their arguments and state their cases while simultaneously defending themselves from the other side.

Overall, this program is a great thing for everyone involved and The Trailblazer encourages everyone to attend next time they come around. If you’ve ever been curious about the court system, this would serve as a great opportunity to learn more about it.