Graduation Reflections

Photojournalism major shares thoughts on time at VU


When I came to Vincennes University I did not expect to enjoy writing. To be honest I picked photojournalism major because all my teachers in high school would tell me how good of a writer I was. And since my major is photojournalism it also allowed me to do one of my favorite hobbies which is photography. 

When I entered this program I was beyond nervous knowing that I would have to interview people. But slowly as I got used to my fellow classmates  and with their help I slowly got better at talking to people. I still struggle a bit sometimes, but I know that if  I need help then one of my classmates would be willing to help me. 

I really enjoyed my time in the journalism program. It showed me that writing can be fun and not just something you have to do for class. This style of writing allows you to report on things that you find interesting and report on news. It allows you to tell the story you want to tell through your writing. This allows you to get out of your comforter zone such as helping with social skills. I would tell anyone that this is a fun, interactive major that will grab anyone’s attention if they are interested.

I have written many stories for The Trailblazer here at VU. One of my favorite stories that I wrote was a Halloween special about a cannibal and another was about a vampire. They were two short stories that I came up with on my own that I was very proud of.  When I wrote the stories I wanted to shock and give people something spooky to read about. The next is a series of stories that I wrote and that were students’ favorite books and feature stories on Wattpad writers. With writing about students’ favorite books you never know what they will tell you. Most of the books I wrote about were interesting and sounded like good reads. I also added in some of my favorites, too. The point of the stories was to help book worms like me find something new to read. I choose to spotlight Wattpad writers because they write and publish stories on Wattpad all the time for free – anyone can read them. And some of the books you may have read came from there such as “To All The Boys I Have Ever Loved.”

My plans for the future are to get a job at a newspaper. I want to write stories and cover the news along with being able to take captivating photos. But I also still want to be able to take photos on the side since that is originally what I wanted to do with my life. I want to be able to find a house that I love and move there with my pets being able to do what I love and enjoy. Because what is the point in going to college to not work in the field that you love and want to go into?