Reflecting on my time at VU


I started here at Vincennes University in the Fall of 2019. Like many college students, I was scared to be on my own for the first time. The part that scared me most was the change that came with it all. I’m not a big fan of change, so I had to adjust to a lot of new things coming into my life.

When coming to college I was scared because I didn’t know what I would experience. Vincennes University allowed me to experience all sorts of things, and it is definitely something that I will look back on. I had three good years here, and I wouldn’t change it at all. 

I can say overall that my time here at Vincennes University has been an adventure I won’t forget.  There were good times, and stressful times, but I really enjoyed it in the end. When looking back on my time here at Vincennes University I had a lot of key highlights that I will always look back on and say, “That was a good time.” 

The fist of the key highlights would have to be working at the campus bookstore, The Old Post Bookstore. I met a lot of people getting to work there. If I hadn’t worked at the bookstore I don’t think I would have met the people I call friends today. Meeting this group of people allowed me to make a new group of friends I will miss very much when I leave. Getting the opportunity to be able to work at the campus bookstore was a learning experience, as well. I learned certain things I never saw myself doing until I worked there. 

The other key point that I can take away was getting able to help write stories for the campus newspaper, The Trailblazer. When I changed my major to Photojournalism, I knew I would have to be more outgoing because that is what journalists are. Getting to write for The Trailblazer has helped me with becoming more outgoing and getting out of my comfort zone. I have learned so much life experience of things that could happen while preparing for a story, the interview process ,or even what happens when a story falls through. I always had a good time getting to write stories for The Trailblazer. It will be something that I will always look back on and smile at.  

College overall has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I am glad that I took on the challenge of it. I had some interesting times. The next chapter of my life is just beginning and I am excited to see what it will bring. 

“Part of the journey is the end” – Tony Stark (Avengers Endgame 2019)