Do students prefer in-person or virtual learning?

The Trailblazer interviewed students to get their opinions on virtual versus in-person learning. The Vincennes campus recently switched to virtual instructions for one week early in the semester due the rise in COVID cases.

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I prefer virtual classes because I can work in the agriculture industry and still continue my education in agriculture.

— Michelle Rhoton an agribusiness major from Chrisney,Indiana

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As an automotive tech major, I have to be in person since the major is all about hands-on learning. There’s not much you can do if you’re virtual.

— Owen Heffelmire, an automotive technology major from Indianapolis

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I prefer in person learning. I believe it is easier to understand and comprehend what I am learning when I am in person. It is also easier to ask questions in person and I don’t have to worry about losing connection to a Zoom call.

— Brayden Rexing