Sandy’s Pantry supplies VU students with needed food items

Khadijah Doumbia, staff writer

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Vincennes University has many programs to offer students. A service that some students may be unaware of is Sandy’s Pantry. The pantry is located at St. John’s United Church Of Christ at 606 5th street.

Brenda Fillingim, Sandy’s Pantry coordinator, said conversation about the pantry being utilized by VU students started back in the fall of 2014. The idea was to help students who needed or didn’t have access to snacks in their dorm. Fillingim says having snacks in the dorm can be beneficial to students who find themselves studying late at night once the dining center is closed.

Some of the food items available to students at Sandy’s Pantry are crackers, pretzels, cookies, peanut butter and other pre-packaged items and perishables as Fillingim describes them.

“When you try to make it to class on an empty stomach you’re not concentrating, your thinking about food,” said Fillingim as she remembered her days as a teacher at VU.

Darius Avery, Indianapolis, business administration has visited the pantry before. He said his favorite item to get from the pantry is peanut butter because it’s a good source of energy.

“It gives students a way to get food when they are low on money,” said Avery.

After visiting the pantry if a student happens to run into a spoiled or expired item please contact Brenda Fillingim directly at 812-882-6851. The student will then be allowed to pick another item in exchange for the bad one.

Sandy’s Pantry is also always taking donations from people in the community and VU students. Vincennes University often has food drives to support the pantry.

Students with a valid, updated student ID are allowed to visit Sandy’s Pantry once a month and select 25 food items.

The next date the pantry will be open is Tues., Oct. 9 and Thurs., Oct.11 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


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Sandy’s Pantry supplies VU students with needed food items