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Trailblazer staff takes on the Harry Potter Escape Room

LRC taking bookings through March 22

Vincennes University’s Shake Learning Resource Center is hosting a Harry Potter Escape Room until March 22. Interested students can head to to book their 40-minute time slot. Upon arrival, students should head to the Information Desk on the first floor of the library to begin their Escape Room experience. The library will accommodate groups of up to four individuals.

Two reporters for the Trailblazer took on the Harry Potter experience and made their way out to tell the tale. Here are their experiences.

By Emma Culver

When walking into the library, a rush of excitement hit. My friend Amber and I were about to take on the challenge of the Harry Potter Escape Room.

As we were escorted to the escape room, we were given a backstory as to how we ended up in the room. We were characterized as mischievous wizards who got into trouble and were sent to detention, but anyone who has been in detention has never escaped.

After this short story, we were placed in a dimly lit room with Harry Potter decorations everywhere. All that was given to us was a flashlight and a black light to help us find clues. As soon as our time started, we scattered to find clues. We were opening anything that could be opened and searching through papers.

We were frantic since we only had 30 minutes to complete the challenge. It took us a little while to find our first clue, and at first, we were not sure what to do with it. We then figured it out, after I found a sneaky hidden object. After finding this clue we felt completely lost.  We were looking at things that weren’t even related to the challenge and running around everywhere laughing because we were so confused.

We felt like we had a strong start but then it all fell apart. As our time began to diminish, we realized we only had about eight minutes left. We began to look high and low and all around. I felt silly with how hard I was looking for stuff, but it was so fun.

Sadly, our time came to an end, and we were unable to find the last clue needed to escape. I felt defeated. I was very determined when going into this escape room, assuming I would figure out all the clues. As we were leaving the room, the librarian was waiting for us asking if we solved the final clue. We both said no in disappointed tones. After telling her the clues we did find, she told us that we were getting close to finding the final clue.

Overall, this thrilling experience was a great escape from the stress of school. I would recommend this activity to everyone as it was such a good experience in a great atmosphere.

By Amber Taylor

As we approached the front desk of the library, I remember feeling anxious, but in a good way. I love a challenge and from previous experiences doing escape rooms, I knew this would be one. They checked us in and gave us the run-down on what we could and couldn’t do, what our mission was, and before I knew it, we were in the room.

It was a dark room that had pictures filling the walls, a whiteboard adorned with symbols, and a big map that was to be our starting point. We got straight to work, deciphering hidden clues with black lights and flashlights that were provided, and finding objects that would put us on a fast track to solving the mystery.

Or so we thought.

Time was flying by, and just when we felt we were close to figuring it out, we got stumped.

With about eight minutes left on the clock, we were trying to find just one more clue that would have possibly helped us in our confusion.

Five…four…three…two…one, time was up. We exited the room, defeated.

The librarian met us there, hoping we had the answer to give. When we told her how close we thought we had gotten, she hinted that we were indeed one clue away from discovering the answer.

In the end, the experience was fun. As a Harry Potter fan, I was just excited that we were given wands and deemed wizards for 30 minutes. I remember wanting to sign up again immediately afterward so that we could try again.

It was mind-stimulating and a great activity to do as a team. I recommend students try it out to  get their minds off the stresses of schoolwork, and just have fun – win or lose.

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