Fall decor tips to create budget-friendly displays



This ghost craft is an inexpensive way to decorate for the Fall season.

Breanna Stultz, Staff Writer

Many individuals love the Fall season and have spent hundreds of dollars on decor over the years. DIY projects will help cut those costs on fall decor, and they’re fun to make with friends and family.

Mallori Beyers, a business major at Vincennes University, said, “In total, the cost of our indoor and outdoor fall decorations was probably around $500.” 

When it comes to Fall DIY projects there are several to choose from, such as centerpieces, twine pumpkins, wreaths, and many more.

“I would definitely do a fall DIY…. I really want to try different kinds of wreaths and make little pumpkins out of different materials.” says Isabella Kamman, a law enforcement major at VU from Greenwood, Indiana. 

DIY projects are very cost-efficient, and there are several to choose from. The article “Cute Pumpkin Craft For Your Fall Home Decor” states, “…after glancing at the sticker price, I was shocked to see they were more than ten dollars each….To fill a vase or jar, it would cost me over a $100….When I arrived home, I started researching a better way to make something similar, but inexpensive.” The article shows individuals how to make a cute pumpkin craft cost-efficiently. 

The cost of a DIY project depends on the size, and material needed, however, most DIY projects cost around 25 dollars.

Sydney Hock, a VU student states, “… I’d say anywhere from 15 to 25 dollars….you can make a lot of things cheap, and the dollar store is where it’s at.” 

The article, “40 Easy DIY Fall Wreaths You Can Make At Home.” shares 40 different DIYs wreaths that are easy, and fun to make at home. The article provides a list of materials and step-by-step instructions. “…it’s time to get ready to celebrate with some of the most amazing Fall wreaths that you can make at home….You can buy the basic materials at the Dollar Store, and find the important items around your garden and neighborhood!” stated by the article, “40 Easy DIY Fall Wreaths You Can Make At Home.” 

Individuals can find these cost-efficient fall DIY projects on Pinterest, Google, or Joann fabrics. Most of the DIY projects are found off Pinterest, where there are hundreds to choose from for each session of the year.