Library Happenings

Many new events planned for this semester, free for students


Kirsten Jansen

Students participate in the “Spy vs Spy” escape room event.

Kirsten Jansen, Staff Writer

Are you looking for something fun and free to do here on campus? Then why not check out the Shake Library’s many activities that are being put on this semester in their temporary location in Beckes Student Union.  The staff has put a lot of work into creating and putting together all of these events, some have been in work since summer, just to provide something enjoyable for the students.

One of the events already held this semester was the Spy vs. Spy escape room (pictured below), where two teams of up to six members went head to head to see who could escape first.  To do so they had to solve a series of puzzles and locks to solve the mystery and obtain a “confidential file,” which was how they were able to stop the clock and escape the room.

Jamie Cox, the Public Services Librarian here at VU, encourages all students to take place in the activities because, “they are fun, free, and something for students to do on campus.”

The events coming up are:

  • Banned Books Week (Sept. 22-28)
  • Dungeons & Dragons Night (Nov. 5-6)
  • Paws & Popcorn (Dec. 8-12)
  • Free popcorn (Dec. 8-12)

So come out and enjoy some fun and stress relieving activities that are free to all students.