Students and faculty treated to Halloween event

Tay Simmons, staff writer

Students were treated to a Halloween event on Tuesday, Oct. 30 at the Summers Social Science Center. The event, sponsored by the College of Social Science, Performing Arts and Communication was held mainly for students with undecided majors, but every student was welcome. Students filled their bags with candy from faculty and staff and played Plinko to win prizes, including VU T-shirts. Overall, the students seemed to have had a great experience.

Michaela Weddle, a secondary education English major from Spencer, was pleased to meet new professors.

“It’s fun,” said Weddle. “It’s a good way to meet more teachers.”

Darlene Hernandez, a criminal justice major from Indianapolis, attended the event as well.

“It’s cool,” Hernandez said, “it makes the students feel young again.”

Other students were pleased that the professors put together an event that would bring them all together. Sarah Lyons, a business information technology major from Odon was one of these students.

“It’s good that the professors give us some things to do,” Lyons commented.

Emily Borden, an elementary and special education major from St Francisville, Illinois, agreed.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Borden “[The] people that organized it did a good job of decorating it and put a lot of energy into it.”

While most students attended the event for candy, prizes, and socializing with professors, others came for different reasons. Jacey Fields, a pre-medical major from Washington, explained why she attended the event.

“I’m getting bonus points,” Fields laughed “[But] it helps people socialize.”

Mackenzie Orr, a behavioral sciences and social work major from Vincennes was appreciative of the professors here at VU.

“It’s really good that we have professors that do this for us,” Orr stated.

Jhala Henry, a general studies major from Jeffersonville, hoped that VU would have more events like this in the future.

“It’s a good way to get students out and about,” Henry said “I think they should do it more on holidays.”

Maryann Seward, chair of the Communication Department, was one of the organizers of the event.

“Recruiting and retention of all students is the primary focus of Vincennes University,” Seward stated.

As far as how much of a success the event was, the students as well as the faculty involved appeared to be happy with the way things turned out.

“I believe it was a huge success!” Seward said “Students seemed to be having a lot of fun as we heard laughing and shouting when when they won the game of Plinko. Who doesn’t like to receive free goodies like candy and T-shirts?”

Seward also had some thoughts in regards to possible events like this next year.

“I hope the college of Social Sciences, Performing Arts and Communication helps to organize another Trick-or-Treat event next year,” Seward commented.