Escape room encounter

Student shares their experience

Kayla Trent, Assistant editor/copy editor

On Wednesday, Oct. 23 and Thursday, Oct. 24 the Vincennes University Shake Library hosted an escape room that was free to all VU students. Many students formed groups of up to eight people to try and score the best time. The fastest group received a free pass to Vincennes Escape Adventures.

Having never experienced an escape room, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to gather some friends and try it out.

The escape room was set up in such a way that sections of the library were utilized as a part of the maze. We had to find certain books to use as clues, and each clue led us to another challenge.

Together we were able to figure it out, and it took us approximately 16 minutes to complete.  It challenged all of us to think outside the box and to work as a team. The organizers of the event told us that our time was somewhere in the middle in comparison to other groups who participated. While we weren’t able to complete the escape room the quickest, we still had a very enjoyable time.