Blues night at VU in Jefferson Student Union

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Blues night at VU in Jefferson Student Union

Jacie Springston-Stacy, staff writer

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Blues and classic rock tunes filled the Jefferson Student Union on the night of Oct. 11 during the Blues Night Coffee House.

People of all ages arrived at the Jefferson Student Union to listen to some classics from the ‘60s to the ‘80s. The performance lineup included “Bad to the Bone,” by George Thorogood, “Take it to the Limit,” by The Eagles, and “Space Oddity,” by David Bowie.

The performance was presented by the Vincennes University Department of Music, and featured the Vincennes University String Ensemble.

Many students, as well as faculty and staff members, were represented, including Isaac Booher, Jesse All and Scott Mercer on guitars; Chris Coatney and  Kylee Coatney with vocals; Doug Hawf with vocals and violin; Heather Abel, Alex Baernfiend, Jacob Booher, Brian Buchanan, Daniel Dailey, Tonia Hawf, Ann Marie Lord, Karen Markham, Adie Niehaus and Anna Parish on violins; Judith Miller on viola; Alex Hawf on cello, drums and percussion; Ellen Weber on cello; Isaac Parman on piano, Virgil Franklin on EWI and keyboard synthesizer and Dave Parman on bass.

Ember Welden, a broadcasting major from Terre Haute, enjoyed the ambiance and drinks.

“It’s good music, it sounds really nice,” said Welden with a smile, holding onto her cardboard cup from Jazzman’s Cafe.

Many people in the building were following suit, sipping on their beverages and listening to the performance.

“I got hot chocolate with some pumpkin [syrup] in it,” Welden said. “It’s great weather tonight for hot drinks and good, old music… I think that more of these [events] should happen,” Welden stated. “It’s good [for] getting the community, students and people together.”