Vincennes University celebrates Latin culture in the final International Culture Night Dinner of the 2017-2018 school year

Khadijah Doumbia

On April 18, the last International Culture Night Dinner of the semester was held. For this event, Latin culture was celebrated in the Green Activities Center. This event welcomed all VU students and other community members and encouraged them to taste the flavors of Mexico , Brazil and Argentina

Student speakers from different Latin American countries all spoke about what it’s like to be a part of the Latin culture. Students were able to give the audience a glimpse of their countries by showing pictures and videos that showcased Latin foods, dances, music and much more.

Speaker Wendy Catalan, Indianapolis, business administration, gave a presentation on Mexico.

“The organic foods and warm weather is what I miss the most,” Catalan said. But, there are some things about VU that reminds Catalan of Mexico. Catalan talked about how, like Mexico, VU is very diverse and has a small population, and the International Club itself reminds her of Mexico.

According to Catalan, her favorite part of the event was realizing how accepting and welcoming the audience was to learn about Mexico and other Latin countries.

Audience members were able to enjoy a vocal performance by VU students, who performed a Mariah Carey song in Spanish.

Another student who was able to share a little bit about how VU reminds him of Latin America is Gerardo Lemus, Chicago, Illinois, construction tech.

“There is so much to do,” he said.

Just like many others who attended the event, Lemus’ favorite part was the food and seeing the vocal performance performed by other VU students.