Hypnotist takes JSU by storm


Olivia P. Tucker

A student reacts to being hypnotized during a presentation by hypnotist Christ Jones.

Olivia P. Tucker, Staff Writer

Students anticipated a presentation of the unexpected as they anxiously waited for it to start. What they didn’t know is that they were about to enter into a great time of laughter and silliness that was to unfold with their peers. This was the presentation of the hypnotist Chris Jones.

Jones, Chicago, has been a hypnotist for eight years and is most commonly known for his 2015 appearance of America’s Got Talent. He hypnotized Howie Mandel known for not liking germs, into shaking his hand without wearing any sort of gloves.

At VU in Jefferson Student Union on March 20, Jones eased the crowd of students with an icebreaker to alleviate the tension that students were possibly feeling about being hypnotised. Afterwards he began the process of putting people to sleep by having them focus on a blue light for two minutes of silence from everyone.

Once students were put to sleep, the performance really picked up at a rapid pace with Jones telling students that they couldn’t recall or say their name. Even a couple of students out in the audience were influenced by this. Bryan Campbell was one of those students. He could say his name but physically there was something off about his body language.

Campbell was asked to come on stage by Jones and walk a “sexy walk,” which students in the audience roared in laughter at the sight.

Jones then asked the audience to give up a seat or allow those hypnotised to take a seat next to an audience member. When doing so, Jones told the students who were put to sleep that they were on a rollercoaster. The description was that the students made it over the hill and in doing so some let out a scream. After the first attempt of the rollercoaster, Jones broke the mental seat belt of the roller coaster causing panic, even a student falling out of his chair to grab another student simply out of fear.

Jones then took the students to a mental haunted house where they were bitten by zombies. During this section, Jones assured students that they weren’t going to be attacked for he had complete control. He even started this section by having the students dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Jones again switched the mental scene to a high school prom, slow dancing with someone. This transitioned to a house party where students went crazy as they yet again danced with those who weren’t influenced by Jones. Jones later instructed the students to teach the other students to dance. When the students fist pumped, Jones stated, “teach them to dance like a Trailblazer.”

When the party came to life Jones rapidly switched the scene to reenact a police bust where the students hid under chairs and later were asked to come out from hiding and take in some questions from the audience who were known as the jury.

Jones transitioned the students to believing that they were “super people” where the students were asked to create a superhero pose. One student ripped his shoe off and claimed that his power was to donate shoes to the less fortunate.

Jones presented his finale with the students believing he is was Drake and performing live in concert.

When everything was finally over, Jones reset everyone’s mind to remember who they were and to no longer be hypnotized by him any longer. The students however were told that if they see a video or photo of themselves under the hypnosis that they are to be in denial and not believe it to be them.

Katie Lay, Vincennes, psychology was one of those students who was hypnotized by Jones. When she was asked about recalling any sort of information she fell silent. She looked as if she were confused and unsure as to what she had really seen, as if she wasn’t sure that was her at all.

Tytiana Jackson, Indianapolis, childhood education was a student who witnessed all of the events that happened with Jones hypnotizing students. She stated on the presentation, “My favorite part was when they danced to ‘Thriller.’”

Jones said, “there was a lot of good and different personalities” and also spoke about the energy that the audience had throughout the performance. Jones also added that one student still thought him to be Drake after everything had been said and done.

Jones also said without hesitation on if ever asked to come back and perform at VU that he would “absolutely come back.”