Working on campus

Resources available to help students earn money


Ben Edwards

The Old Post Bookstore employs many students.

When it comes to money for college students, it can be hard sometimes when they have to pay for tuition, books, groceries and other things they need. Sometimes they wait for their parents to come and visit and buy them things.

Vincennes University offers many resources to help students with finances.

One such resource is a program called work-study. Work-study is a federal program based on financial need determined by FAFSA and other resources a student has. To qualify for this program the student needs to be enrolled in at least six credit hours and will be allowed to work 20 hours a week depending on the academic year, according to the university’s website.

During the fall and spring semester on campus, the VU Career Center holds a part-time job fair for students who are interested in working during their time on campus. Job fairs allow students to connect with different offices on campus that they might be interested in.  

VU also offers a large amount of on-campus jobs. Some of these jobs can range from working at the Red Skelton Performing Arts Center, the bowling alley, dining hall, or as a lab monitor in various buildings. 

One of the biggest jobs on campus would be working at The Old Post Bookstore selling books to students. The Old Post Bookstore is located in the Beckes Student Union on 2nd Street on campus. 

Working at the bookstore consists mainly of customer service. Workers will pull books for a student when they bring in a class schedule and help with any questions they have. The student worker will run the cash register, checking in shipments of books, clothing, and other items, along with pulling online orders to be shipped out at the end of the day. 

Karen Faulkner, the director of the Old Post Bookstores, said that when looking for students to work at the bookstore she looks for someone with an outgoing personality, someone who will be reliable, have good communication skills and customer service.  

“We will train everyone that comes in. You don’t need certain skills.” Faulkner said.

The bookstore will work around any schedule that a student has. If the student needs more evening hours they will do that or if they need more morning hours they will work with that. A student can work up to between 10 and 20 hours whatever fits their schedule. 

“Their classes come first,” Faulkner added.

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