Freshman reflects on first weeks in college


Quinton Henry, Staff Writer

My introduction to college life here at VU has been an eye-opener. As a first-year college student, I am realizing that adulthood is near.

I constantly remind myself that no one is here to force me to do anything, including going to class or staying on top of my grades. Even though VU embraced me with open arms, it’s still my job to keep up on homework and apply myself.

I’ve been in my comfort zone, but as I got deeper into the semester, I’ve started to make friends as I go along. But overall I’ve turned my attention to my education more than friends. If I want everything to go smoothly, I must make these two years here count and stay on top of my game educational-wise. 

While in school, I’ve chosen journalism as my major. I haven’t had my first interview for The Trailblazer yet, but I’ve had support from my professor Ms. Emily Taylor. She has given me ideas for my next steps to find exciting stories that interest me while I write for the newspaper. As midterms and the year continue, I will hope to find my true purpose here at college.