National worker shortage affecting VU Aquatic Center hours


Breanna Stultz

The VU Aquatic Center has remained closed due to a worker shortage.

Vincennes University has a well-designed Aquatic Center, but it hasn’t been open as usual this semester due to a worker shortage.

Michael Taylor, the facilities coordinator, mentioned the Aquatic Center was supposed to open on August 16 at the start of the 2021 fall semester. The Aquatic Center has been closed since the beginning of the semester due to a nationwide lifeguard shortage.

“Right now all of America is going through a lifeguard shortage,” Taylor said. “With COVID hitting us and shutting everyone down, it put a halt on any training that could be accomplished by the Red Cross or any other agency that supplies lifeguard training.”

The university’s Aquatic Center is hiring lifeguards. Taylor mentioned there is no experience required just as long as individuals know how to swim.  The lifeguard hours are from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m and 4 p.m to 8 p.m Monday through Friday.

“We work around the students’ schedules and will change the hours as necessary,” Taylor said.

There are several different benefits to becoming a lifeguard at VU. Taylor mentioned a couple of different benefits such as meeting new people, keeping up with exercise, learning new life skills, and getting paid to sit poolside.

Taylor said he would like around 10 lifeguards, although he could have a bit more to keep the Aquatic Center fully opened. Many students may be wondering about lifeguard training or certifications.

Taylor added the Aquatic Center is looking into hosting a lifeguard certification training course and reimbursing students for their certifications. The Aquatic Center gives a great opportunity for students who are looking for jobs on campus. Contact Michael Taylor at [email protected] for any additional information.