New photography teacher joins faculty

Love of photography, passion for teaching led him to the position


Christopher Schneberger (submitted photo)

A self-portrait by Christopher Schneberger.

Amber Morris, Assistant Editor

There is a new face among the faculty here VU. Christopher Schneberger teaches photography classes and oversees the Shircliff Gallery.

Schneberger decided to come to VU when he heard about the position opening up from Arthur Fields, the former photography professor. Schneberger found the idea of running the Shircliff Gallery appealing. When Schneberger was at Indiana University he was able to teach a photography class before he graduated. He also stated that he enjoys southern Indiana and that it was the perfect opportunity. 

When asked what made him want to teach photography, Schneberger said, “ I thought my professor was amazing and I thought she had the perfect job – to be around a classroom where people were discovering this amazing medium and expressing themselves artistically, and also working at an institution that was supporting her making her artwork.” 

Schneberger admitted that it was harder than he thought it would be, but he still loves teaching and being able to see students fall in love with the medium.

“My favorite part is seeing students make discoveries and get excited about photography. Even better is seeing them start to express themselves with the medium of photography,” Schneberger said. 

Along with teaching two sections of Photography 1, he teaches one section of Art for Elementary Teachers. 

Schneberger also talked about the new facilities in the Humanities Center on campus. The classroom and darkroom have been renovated recently. The building has new printers along with digital workstations for the students. They are also in the process of building a new photography lighting studio.

“I hope students consider taking a photography class. It’s a lot of fun, and it counts as both a UCC class and a speaking intensive class because we have critiques and a short presentation,” Schneberger said.