iPhone vs. Samsung: A look at cell phone cameras


Amber Morris, Assistant Photo Editor

What makes iPhone and Samsung phones so different? This question does not refer just to their looks and design.  The question refers to the software in them all the way to the cameras. Now how many people have just used an iPhone or just Samsung not giving the other brand a fair chance? 

Let’s start by finding out the differences in iOS and Android. If you did not know, iOS is what Apple uses to power its phones. According to research, it is found that iOS is easy to use and Apple is the only one to control the apps. This gives  the user more security that the apps will not have malware in them. 

The hardware and software work well together because they are both run by Apple. The iOS system can last longer than the Android system, but the phone will die in about the same amount of years. A downside is that iOS always looks the same, it never changes and the format stays the same. 

Now that iOS has been talked about, it’s time to discuss Android and see how it compares. Android systems tend to be more customizable, while also being more complicated due to how custom they can be. The best selling point for this system is the fact that it can be personalized. The manufacturers are able to change the system however they please.

For the price range it really varies from what make and model users want and how much they are willing to pay. An iPhone can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. Samsung has cheaper phones that work just fine,but they also have very expensive ones. For example a Samsung Galaxy S10 was $700 in fall of 2020. While an iPhone 12 is $820 as of this year. And a Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra is $800. So it really depends on the make and model users want.

The quality of the phones boils down to the more expensive the better quality it will be. The iPhone is all glass and metal, while the Samsung is all plastic. Unless the user gets a phone older than the Galaxy S6 then it is glass and metal. Samsung has better battery life than the iPhone.

On to one of the main topics: cameras how they compare. The first phones that will be compared are the Galaxy S20 and the iPhone 12 pro cameras. iPhone 12 has a fast shutter speed on the different lens. The two cameras have similar quality, but the iPhone 12 emphasizes more shades and tends to be in warmer tones. While the S20 tends to be more on the cool side of the spectrum. Some like the auto-fouces one the S20 while others hate it, for selfies it is good but for other things it seems to be lacking a little bit. A auto-focus can be taken off according to Google. 

When it comes to selfies, iPhone 12 wins. They add more color and saturation to the images. iPhone 12 will fix the background to have better focus and exposure. The ultra wide lens on the iPhone 12 is better, but in overcast situations it will overwhelm the camera. The S20 ultra wide lens is better at night, but it takes 7 to 8 seconds rather than 2 to 3 seconds like the iPhone. The zoom is better one the S20 because it goes to 100x while the iPhone 12 only goes to 2.5x. On iPhone 2x zoom is better then the S20s zoom, but after that the S20 wins.

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