Graduating editor reflects on favorite stories


Coming into the journalism program at the beginning of my freshman year, I did not know how much my writing would improve from then until now. I’ve also learned so much about what it takes to be a writer in the news reporting industry. Looking back, I would not have traded my time in the journalism program for anything, because of the amazing experiences and friends that I made during my time here. I have made so many good memories writing for the VU Trailblazer and will miss the rest of The Trailblazer staff after leaving. 

The very first story I ever wrote for The Trailblazer was in the fall of 2019. It was a story about famous autism advocate and animal scientist, Temple Grandin. She came to the university to teach students, teachers, and advocates of autism how to assist individuals with autism and how to help students with different kinds of minds be successful. I was able to attend Grandin’s event and was very moved by her powerful speech. My favorite moment was getting to meet her and being able to talk with her about her journey with being an advocate for autism. 

Another favorite story of mine was my story about coach Ken Carter and the Richmond High School basketball players. We were able to meet coach Carter and get to know him. He was a very nice guy and had a lot to say about the memories he made with the team and still continues to make with them today. Coach Carter gave us a signed copy of his movie and was just an overall awesome person to talk to. 

There are so many more stories that I wrote that were very fun to write about, but these two really made an impact in my time writing for The Trailblazer. Thank you to Professor Taylor and everybody in the journalism program for making these past couple of years great for me. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for me after leaving the journalism program here at VU!