Street Art – Thoughts on the importance of artistic expression

Kirsten Jansen, Photo Editor

Street art to me has become like flowers: instead of stopping to smell the roses, I now stop and capture pictures of street art. 

As the semester comes to a close, along with my time on the VU Trailblazer I want to highlight as much street art as I can. Once I started seeking out street art and trying to find it, it started to jump out at me everywhere I went.

 SoI thought why not showcase all the art I photographed and found interesting enough to share with others.

A piece titled, “Devious” Robot really caught my eye because of its uniqueness, its colors, and the precision throughout it. You can find this piece in Indianapolis in the Fountain Square neighborhood, specifically at the address of 1102 Shelby Street. 

There is not much of a story except that it was painted by artist Devious, hence the reason why it is titled Devious Robot. It was done as a part of the Subsurface Graffiti Expo that took place in 2012. This event is done to showcase artists from all around the world and their talents and has taken place every year since 2002 bringing artists together.

In that same location is where I found many other pieces that are pictured in this story. They were all done for different reasons and by different artists, which is what intrigued me about the area. Everywhere you look there is art that someone created and worked hard on. 

If you ever find yourself in Indianapolis and want to enjoy the art and creations of the artists, take a trip to fountain valley and the surrounding areas, you’ll be amazed by everything you see.

Street art has become a love of mine, and I hope that through sharing with you and telling the stories you all have become interested as well. Maybe this art inspired you to create some street art of your own, so go out and express yourself however you want. There is nothing stopping you from going out and doing what these artists are doing everyday.