Warmer weather? You got it


Kirsten Jansen

Monument Circle in Indianapolis is a popular outdoor spot in warmer weather.

After the weeks of snow and brutally cold temperatures, it is safe to say that everyone is ready for it to be over. Those wishing for warmer weather should be prepared to get their wish granted.

With the first day of spring fast approaching we have already gotten a small taste of it here in Southern Indiana. Temperatures rose to the upper 60’s and everyone got a taste of being outside and taking in the fresh air again.

Now that spring is here, and of course COVID-19 is still an issue, everyone is wondering how to enjoy the season safely so that they and their family can stay healthy. So if you are looking for ideas, look no further. The Trailblazer has a few ideas that help you enjoy the spring weather, but also stay safe from COVID.

For you sport lovers out there there are a lot of sports to try that are COVID friendly. These include frisbee golf, tennis, and even regular golf, which do not require you to be in close contact with anyone. You could also go hiking at one of our many beautiful state parks and enjoy the scenes while you get in some exercise.

If sports are not for you, maybe try just simply walking or even do some fishing. To enjoy some time with family do an outdoor barbecue, turn on some music and just catch up and enjoy some company. 

You could even develop a new hobby such as painting, flying a kite, photography or even bird watching. If you are looking for something peaceful to do maybe get up early and watch the sunrise or do the opposite and watch the sunset. Then after the sun is down just lay back and look up the stars and find the constellations and maybe see ones you normally can not find.

Whatever you choose to do, just enjoy it and make this spring a fun one for you and your loved ones. Of course stay safe and abide by COVID guidelines no matter what you decide to do. 

Share some pictures with us or tell us your spring plans, we love to hear from our readers.