Virtual vs face-to-face learning: Student perspectives 

Trey Van Natta, Assistant Edit0r

Virtual education has been an option for many years, but with the pandemic it has become increasingly popular. Vincennes University has offered many courses in a virtual format this semester.

The Trailblazer wanted to get a student perspective on why such students decided to either get their education face-to-face or to go virtual. 

One VU student ,Sydney Spradling, from Vincennes is an elementary education major. This is her second year and she decided to complete her degree face-to-face. 

“I enjoy face-to-face education. I get distracted easily and having a professor in front of me is the best way for me to learn and stay motivated,” Spradling said. 

Spradling lives in a house off campus and says she enjoys going to school so she isn’t stuck in the house all day. She said, “It’s nice to socialize with other students and not have to email my teacher if I have a question about an assignment”. 

Spradling works at her family’s lumber company in town, Niehaus Lumber. She said the only disadvantage to face-to-face schooling is that she can’t work as many hours as she’d like. 

“I wouldn’t go back to all virtual learning unless we have to though. I think the in person classes are extremely beneficial to my education and I hope to be graduating in the spring,” Spradling added. 

Another student, Trista McCreery, from Columbus, Indiana, is a Social Work major. She decided to come back to VU to finish her degree with her courses completely virtual.

“I work part time as a waitress so being all online was more convenient for me,” McCreery said. 

Having classes online has been difficult for McCreery, though. She likes face-to-face because she likes to have all of her resources in front of her. Virtual learning has taught her to stop procrastinating and to better schedule her time. 

When asked to give advice to VU students who are doing virtual learning McCreery said, “ I would say to be able to manage your time wisely. It’s easy to forget a Zoom call and you only need a few absences to hurt your grade. Find time to study, and to take care of yourself”.