Favorite Holiday Traditions


Amber Morris

A tree is decorated for the holidays. Decorations are a big part of many student’s traditions.

Savannah Boone, Editor

One thing that everybody looks forward to around the holidays is all of the exciting Christmas traditions that have gone around in families for years. Some of these Christmas traditions may even be passed along into future homes throughout the family as well. 

Sydney Endsley, a conservation law enforcement major from Boonville, Indiana, expressed that her family has a few far out traditions that they do around Christmas: 

“On Christmas Eve, my family has a water fight. Usually, we go and find a real tree from our local Boy Scout troop. My mom’s family is super crafty, so every year we create Christmassy costumes from scratch and have someone wear them. My favorite is the water fight because my mom started it as a way to cheer my brother and I up for the first Christmas after my dad died. It makes Christmas very unique, for sure.” 

Endlsey also mentioned that her favorite part is teaming up with her brother to drench their mom, because of how funny it is whenever she gets mad. 

Steven Bolton, a mechanical engineering major from Bloomfield, Indiana, mentioned that his favorite family tradition is opening the stockings early. 

“It’s sort of a precursor to Christmas Day, and it is really fun,” Bolton mentioned. “It started one year in my early childhood when my siblings and I begged my mom to open our stockings on Christmas Eve, and eventually she gave in. The next year,  we begged to open them  the day before Christmas Eve, and again she caved, and the next year, the same thing happened again and it’s stayed there since. My favorite part of the stockings is watching my family, and seeing the joy light up in their eyes.”

Whether or not one’s family traditions are far out or somewhat normal, it is these traditions that one holds near and dear to their heart and continues to bring these traditions into their family when they are older.