Shoes on power lines: Theories or facts?


Breanna Stultz

Something simple like is often looked past by people. Take a second and look around your environment you never know what you will see.

Breanna Stultz and Kirsten Jansen


Have you ever seen shoes hanging on a powerline? Have you ever wondered what it meant? That is a question that really cannot be answered because it seems to be connected to many theories, but has no solid meaning. These theories range from mild to more severe and dangerous.

Everyone seems to have a different idea of what the meaning of this is. Photojournalism major Ben Edwards of Avon, Indiana, said he had never seen a pair hanging in real life. Also when it comes to the meaning he has heard that it means there is a prime drug selling spot nearby. 

This is a theory that many others have heard including Broadcasting major Makenna Bourff of Beech Grove, Indiana. The only difference is that she has actually seen them around her hometown many times and has her own theory. Bourff states that,

“My theory is that it revolves around missing children whose shoes were maybe left behind or it was their favorite pair.”

Strangely enough no one knows of anyone who has participated in throwing a pair of sneakers on the power lines themselves.

There are several different theories when it comes to shoes hanging from a power line, but there’s not a definite answer to why they are there. 

“Yes,  I’ve lived in a place with shoes on the power lines and it stood for being hood or the ghetto,” said Derrick Emmons, a Information Technology major from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Many individuals have their reasoning behind a pair of sneakers hanging from a power line.  

Aiden Eichenour, a media arts and science major, said, 

“ I believe their intentions are for signaling people, but for what that signal is I am uncertain about. I would imagine it isn’t anything positive.” 

Many individuals so not see others throwing their shoes on power lines, but Amanda Loughmiller from Brazil, Indiana said,

“Yes, A bunch of kids standing around to see who can get them to stay up there first.”  

There are several different theories on sneakers hanging off power lines, but no right or wrong answer to why they might be there. Next time you are out take a look around you might just see a pair of sneakers hanging from the power lines. Develop your theories and let us know what you think.