Believe in the magic of Halloween

Kirsten Jansen, Photo Editor

It is that time of year-the leaves are changing, the temperature is changing and even amidst COVID-19 Halloween will be celebrated. As a lover of all things fall and Halloween, October is my favorite month of the year, and I, of course, will be celebrating. Although things will be a little different for the holiday this year.

Many states are not allowing trick-or-treating to occur, which for kids takes out the fun of the holiday. For those who are older it means the typical parties and celebrations will most likely not occur. So you may be asking yourself, how do you celebrate Halloween without all the usual events that go on?

The answer to this is to stay in and celebrate with those who you are closest with, put on a scary movie or a comedy and make all the fall treats your heart desires. There are plenty of fall recipes out there, check our website for a story featuring such recipes, or create your own. From popcorn balls, to candy apples you can still have the treats you love at parties from the comfort of your own home.

Now I know a lot of children may be disappointed about not being able to go out and trick or treat with their friends and get candy, but you can still make it fun for them. Dress them up in their costumes and have a mini photoshoot with them, give them the typical orange pumpkin pail and take some photos to savor the memories. As for the candy, simply buy a couple of bags and place it in a bowl in the house where they can grab a few pieces here and there. I am sure they will enjoy having an abundance of candy in the house for a few days, and the grownups of the house will, too.

As for you teens and young adults who are sad about the party cancellations, you can still have fun, as well. Get dressed up as you planned and have your own Halloween photoshoot, or better yet have someone take pictures of you so you still have pictures to post for the holiday. Also take advantage of it being on a weekend and enjoy a relaxing Saturday night at home with movies, snacks and of course fuzzy blankets. You may even want to have a bonfire and roast marshmallows and listen to some Halloween music with your family or closets friends. Not only this, but carve or paint some pumpkins, it is that time of the year.

No matter how you decide to celebrate the holiday during these odd times, make it fun. It only comes once a year, so dress up, bake a little and just make the most of the day. Happy Halloween from the Trailblazer Newspaper Staff!