Corona virus is taking its toll


Covid-19 better known as the CoronaVirus, I’m sure some of you are tired of hearing about this in everything you read or see today. However, it is a big deal and is not going away anytime soon so we are all in this struggle together. 

Classes being moved to online has been a little rough starting out I’m sure for most of us. I personally have the struggle of having 2 brothers who are quite loud during the day making it a bit difficult to concentrate. Not only that but our Internet has had issues lately so it’s been a struggle to access and work on a lot of my work.

When it comes to how I am feeling about all of this, my emotions are hard to put into words. Mine and many others have had their first semester of college cut short and moved them to online classes, which for many is not at all what they wanted to do with their classes.

With this for us students in the newspaper no longer get to collaborate and work with each other in the lab that we had made into our little safe and relaxing zone at school. For me the journalism lab was often my escape from the world, it was the place I went to and left all my worries behind. My area was my little office in my mind, editing photos for the newspaper and writing out stories that I was so passionate about.

Another struggle for me and any other photography 1 student our whole class has basically been ripped out from under us. We no longer can develop our film which to me was the most enjoyable part of the class, because you got to see all your hardwork turn out and come together. 

Due to all this I have struggled a lot lately to find motivation to really want to do anything or get out of bed. I mean, what is there to do at this point? I get up, do my morning routine just to get back in bed and do my school work. It is becoming muscle memory and I don’t even think about it.

The worst part is the only real way for me to hang out with my friends that live in Indianapolis is to join them in playing video games, but with school work that has become difficult. I absolutely hate not being able to see anyone or go anywhere, I am an active person and love being on the go so sitting around the house makes me go stir crazy.

I realize that this is a big deal and it is affecting people everywhere in a negative way. So I share the compassion and praise for those working in the medical field during all this. I know that I could not do the work that they are doing, and couldn’t be more thankful that they are working so hard through all this.

 I know we are all looking forward to the end of this pandemic and have plans as to what we want to do after. It is a way for us to stay positive and fight through these hard times. Many people want to travel, others just can’t wait to see their friends. All I want is to be able to explore and take more pictures with my friends and boyfriend. There are only so many pictures I can take around my house before I get bored and run out of ideas.

Although this is not the start to 2020 we were all expecting it is what it is and we have to stay together to get through it as a country. So practice social distancing and wash your hands. Stay healthy out there and hopefully this will all be over soon and we can return to normal.

Editor’s note: This is a column in a series written by students at The Trailblazer. We feel it is important to share firsthand accounts of this unprecedented time in history.