Temple Grandin shares thoughts on educating different types of learners

Savannah Boone, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Nov. 7, students, faculty and community members gathered at the sold out Red Skelton Performing Arts Center to hear famous autism advocate and animal scientist Dr. Temple Grandin speak about helping students with different minds be successful.

Grandin’s speech, “Educating All Kinds of Minds,” captivated each person in the audience and her powerful message could be felt all the way to VU’s PE Complex where a heavy overflow of people were listening in as well.

Grandin discussed different ways to educate individuals who have disabilities such as ADHD, dyslexia, autism, and many more.

“Always encourage a kid to use his words, but give him the chance to respond,”
Grandin stated.

This was followed up with her message that the individuals who have these disabilities have the minds to go into certain fields of work. One example of this that she gave was kids who are in their basements who play video games all day. These kids have the creative minds it takes to go out and get a job as computer coders.

Grandin touched on the topic that there is a huge shortage of people working in skilled trades such as plumbers, electricians, mechanics, welders, and heating and air conditioning engineers.

“These jobs are not going away,” Grandin commented.

Another topic that
Grandin discussed was the fact that schools needed to start keeping the more hands on classes such as art and sewing.

“Kids need to learn to do more real stuff and learn problem solving,” Grandin said.

Grandin kept her audience’s attention until the very end and everyone’s eyes were glued to the stage as she ended her speech:

“Expose individuals to new things but give them choices,” Grandin ended.