Honors Program sees growth


Savannah Boone, Staff Writer

Ever since the Honors Program was established here at VU in 1999 by Dr. Penny Quinn, the program’s main goal was to give students the opportunity to enhance their experience of attending VU.

     According to the Director of the Honors Program, Matt Norman, the number of students enrolled in the program for the fall of 2019 semester is at “the largest it’s been in five years.”

     “There are currently 25 students in the Honors program this semester,” Norman stated.

     Norman has been the Director of the Honors program at VU since the fall of 2016.

      “The entire program was originally for students who were just living on campus, but in the last year we’ve tried to get it to be offered online for those who are distance education students,” Norman commented, “there are 5 out of the 25 students enrolled who are distance education students.”

     The program is meant to help students study what it means to be a really developed person through service and leadership.

     “The Honors Program is also very flexible with the classes the student is enrolled in and also offers scholarships for being enrolled in the program,” Norman added.

     “Enrollment into the program requires a student to have a high level of reading, writing, speaking, research, and critical thinking ability throughout the class.”

     Junior Barbie Snyder mentioned that her time in the Honors Program was really “interesting and fulfilling.”

     “It has definitely pushed me to dig into subjects I wouldn’t have normally had interest in,” Snyder expressed. “It constantly reminds you that the things you’re learning have a personal and cultural impact.”

     Norman ended his interview making sure to note that his favorite part of his job is working with the Honors students.