VU presents transfer fair to advancing students

Khadijah Doumbia, staff writer

For some students, this is their last year or semester at VU. Many students are excited to say they’ve completed their degree requirements and are ready to move on and learn more at their transfer school of choice. As college students are carried away completing assignments that are due in the next few weeks, some attended the transfer to get more information from other universities.

VU hosted the transfer fair in hopes of helping current students find a school that will benefit them and meet their academic needs.

The transfer fair, which took place in Jefferson Student Union on Feb. 14,  allowed students to meet and mingle with representatives from more than 15 colleges and universities. They were ready with handy brochures that offered plenty information about programs offered at that particular school, including clubs and tuition cost.

If students had any questions concerning the school they were encouraged to ask the school representative. After attending the event ,many students were able to comment on the benefits of having the transfer fair here at VU.

Mothusi Dlamini, computer programing, Thompsonville, IL, said he initially planned to attend IU, but after hearing about other schools during the transfer fair he’s changed his mind and wants to try Eastern Illinois. Many of the schools that were at the event had many of great things to offer including the unique student life at Taylor University located in Upland.

A Butler University representative described the school as, “The goldilocks of colleges” meaning the university is not too big or too small, but just right especially for students looking for plenty internship opportunities.  

Taylor University is well known for their traditional silent night basketball games that may attract students who are looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy basketball games on campus, said their representative, Michael Miller.

Paige Neukam, social work, Montgomery, said  the transfer fair only solidified her choice of USI.

Many students agreed this event was a great way to help current students search for the college that has their best interest in mind and a school that will lead to a successful career after graduation.