Upgrades planned for the Shake LRC

Khadijah Doumbia

While this idea is still in the early stages, Vincennes University plans to upgrade the Shake Learning Resource Center, more commonly known as the library.

Updates will take place mid to late summer and last about two years.

For those wondering how they will be able to still take advantage of the LRC resources while under construction, officials plan to shut down only some areas of the library while leaving others open to allow students to use the resources they need.

According to Jamie Cox, public service librarian, and Danny Ralston, interim director of Learning Support Services, there is a layout in place, but not all ideas are set in stone yet.

The library will undergo construction piece by piece. Some general ideas include a coffee shop with indoor and outdoor seating, as well as the Student Success Center being on the opposite side of the library and the testing center being near the front of the building.

One goal is a new and improved library that welcomes students to study and get them excited about learning.

The library is being updated in hopes of helping students take more advantage of the library’s offerings, as many students do not take advantage of all the library has to offer.

There are currently study rooms available for student use, computers and iPads, and plenty of books.

The upgrade is more about getting new furniture for study space and lounging and less about books. With the library being built in stages and things being added onto the building during the 1990’s, Ralston said there is definitely a need for new infrastructure.

After being asked if there will be a time when books are no longer needed, Cox responded by saying, “No, books cover more than some online sites. New technology comes and goes, but books will always be the main source of information.”