Graduating Virtually: A Student’s Perspective

Savannah Boone, Editor

It goes without saying, the past several months have been different than students expected when going into their first day of college. Many students did not think that they would be graduating virtually when they started their journey in college. Though, it just goes to show that students can go through so much and still come out on top no matter what. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, students everywhere have wondered if their graduation will be held in-person or digitally. For the graduating class of 2021 at VU, that question has been answered. The graduation commencement of 2021 will be held virtually on May 15 in order to maintain safe social-distancing rules. 

For Elementary Education and Special Education Mild Intervention major, Taylor Franklin, a graduation ceremony is a special time to be with family. 

“A graduation ceremony usually draws in family and friends to cheer on their graduate, so without it, it doesn’t feel like a huge milestone in one’s life,” Franklin mentioned. “[A virtual graduation] is not as extravagant, which makes it seem like less of an accomplishment.” 

Taylor is from Linton, Indiana and will be graduating in May with a general studies degree. She plans to come back to VU for another two years to gain her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education Mild Intervention. She does not plan to participate in the virtual graduation due to the fact that she would like to wait until she gets her Bachelor’s before graduating. 

Franklin’s favorite memories from her first two years at VU include being with her friends and attending the different events on campus. 

“One time, some friends and I won Amazon Firesticks at a scavenger hunt event!” Franklin added. 

With the idea of the pandemic possibly coming to an end in the near future, students seem to be hopeful that everything will soon go back to normal. Hopefully, we will be able to soon see our students graduate in person again! Congratulations to the VU Class of 2021!