Expand Your Reading with Wattpad


Amber Morris, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to try writing a book? Or just looking for free books that can be read as much as the reader wants? Well there is an app out there that does both by allowing you to write and publish your own books while reading others. This app is called Wattpad, and it is free to publish with a few exceptions. Some stories are paid stories so you have to use coins to unlock the chapters and there could  be ways to get free coins as well. There are ads to support the writers. If you find the material in the writer’s books offensive you may read other writer’s books or choose another book that is free in the app. The Trailblazer decided to feature some of the app’s writers.

The first writer is “rotXinXpieces.” They write boys’ love stories and from talking to Pieces they seem to be all that they write but people enjoy their books. While interviewing Pieces, they were asked what made them want to start writing stories.

“I used to play a lot of make believe as a kid, pretending I was super heroes or an adventurer, or even a villain, but make believe only went so far,” they said. “I wanted something a little more solid and writing provided that.” 

The Underworld Chronicles is the series that Pieces is most proud of out of all their books. It revolves around Greek  mythology. It is their longest series that they have going and it has a total of 23 books. 

“I love the adventures they go on, the villains they meet, the creativity I’m able to pour into it,” they said. 

This shows how much Pieces loves to write and their love of this story.

“I love being able to get creative, to create my own worlds and characters. I like being able to go on adventures to all the different worlds, to meet all the characters

 that are out there. It’s a freeing sensation, like floating. I know when a story is getting good when I get that feeling,” Pieces said.

The next writer is Gabrielle Lark. She writes romance books that do hold some ranking on Wattpad. Lark has been writing books since she was eight and she also illustrated and wrote a children’s book at a young age. 

Lark’s favorite part about writing is “You grow as a writer and develop your own unique style over time which is what I love most about writing stories. It’s so rewarding to watch it happen. Also, we create entire worlds and complex characters from scratch! That’s incredible to think about.” 

Similar to Pieces’s, Lark uses dreams to make her stories and characters come to life. 

“Sometimes I get ideas from my dreams. I dream up vivid and complex plots and characters and I always make sure to write them down as soon as I wake up. Those ideas are sometimes expanded upon and become books. I also write from experience. We all go through things, and I’ve found that one way of processing it all is to write about it.” Lark said. She went into more detail about her process of writing. 

Lark does have “Rowan” for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-a-million. She will be releasing “Noelle” later this year.

These are just two of the many writers on Wattpad, and if you check it out then hopefully you enjoy the app.