Clubs on Campus


photo courtesy of VU Student Activities

Some clubs are still meeting, but with added precautions for COVID-19

Ben Edwards and Savannah Boone

It’s easy to see that everything has been running a bit differently on campus these past couple of semesters due to the impact of COVID-19. A lot of things aren’t like they used to be when attending school in recent years. Some of these things include events happening on campus, like various in-person career fairs and events happening at the Red Skelton. This leaves a lot of students to question some of the things that used to happen on campus, and if these things are still continuing in some way. One of these things include the many on-campus clubs that have met in past years. 

Alexis Garner, Director of Student Activities, mentioned that clubs and organizations are still able to host meetings, but with COVID-19 restrictions. 

“We encourage clubs to meet virtually for the time being to be safe, but if they do meet in person and social distance they are required to send me a document directly after [with the] names and A numbers of everyone who attended the meeting,” Garner stated. 

Even though clubs can meet in person, it is still wise for that club to follow safe guidelines in order to practice safe social distancing rules. 

“There is a COVID-19 policy in the club and organization handbook…we ask that activities be limited with no sharing of food, and that they follow the VU guidelines with wearing masks, social distancing, and having no more than 50 people together at any given time,” Garner said. “Unfortunately, there will be no travel allowed again this semester for the clubs, and they can’t have any community events where community members are invited.”

The club and organizations fair this semester is set to be virtual due to social distancing guidelines. 

“I have the virtual club and organization fair on the calendar for February 8…I would like for the clubs that want to, to create a short informational video about their club. Kind of like an elevator speech to recruit [club members] that I will put online for students to see,” Garner mentioned. 

There are currently 25 different clubs that are on campus that range from Biology Club, Dodgeball Club, Friends Club, and Pride Club. 

“We invite students to create new clubs if they don’t see one they want to join,” Garner stated. “Being in a student club is a way to meet new people and have fun outside of class…even just having those people who enjoy some of the same things as you who you can talk to has been great for the students.” 

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