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Podcasting growing in popularity


Kirsten Jansen

A podcast studio set-up.

It has been a trying time lately with COVID-19 hitting and keeping everyone home or in a mask at all times. Although these negatives are prevalent and take most of our focus these days, there have been some positives to happen during these hard times. The podcast industry is booming and thriving.

Due to restrictions and the state of the pandemic, many influencers who usually make entertaining videos to post on YouTube can not create the videos they want. 

Many have turned to another outlet to entertain and interact with their fans. You guessed it: podcasts, simply recording them and another host or multiple people talking and discussing anything and everything that people might find entertaining.

 A popular YouTuber who has done this is David Dobrik, from Vernon Hills, Illinois, his videos were so thought out and unique, but due to the restrictions and people having to wear masks he does not feel it is the right thing to do right now. So he and his friends started a podcast, talking about anything that comes to mind. Fans have gone wild and flocked to listen and support, not only this but have branched out to find other podcasts to listen to that are similar in style.

You might be asking, why do I care about this, or what does it have to do with the area I live and the common people? Well, anyone can create and produce a podcast if they want. In fact, two local former VU broadcasting students who created their own podcast.

Makenna Bourff, from Beech Grove, Indiana, and Sean Barriger from Whiteland Indiana, created the podcast “Young, Dumb, and Confused.”

 When asked about the name and why they chose it Bourff said,

“Young, Dumb, and Confused because we are pretty young, dumb and confused.”

 The show started with segments that they did each episode, such as critiquing movies, discussing news and other topics in a sort of scripted way. Bourff said that recently they decided to“Spice things up a bit.”

They pick topics and discuss them whether they are sensitive or childish, that is what makes them so relatable to their listeners and viewers.

However, as the title depicts they are young, dumb and confused and have no idea what they are going to do completely, but they have a lot of good ideas. These ideas include focusing on topics that will make them stand out such as Anime, KPOP music, and doing some gaming of their own to show and discuss with their viewers.

Bourff loves being a part of the podcast because she loves talking and has always wanted to start her own YouTube channel. So when Sean mentioned doing it to her she jumped at the opportunity and has been excited ever since. When it comes to their expansion and building their name and brand they are looking to continue on YouTube and then start streaming their gaming on Twitch and eventually they will put their podcast on Spotify. 

The best part is they are able to experiment and do whatever they want with the channel and podcast. All they ask of people is,

“Please subscribe and check out Young, Dumb, and Confused.” Makenna said.

Bourff wanted to make sure everyone knew how much they appreciate their viewership as well and said, “We’ve been working really hard and would appreciate the love and support. And we appreciate and accept critiques as well.”  

Along with the YDC crew about 30 minutes away in Petersburg Indiana, is the “OnAirwithTannerNanner” podcast. This podcast covers an array of topics such as: food, games, local business exploration and even technology. So there is something for everyone no matter what your interest may be. 

Members Tanner McFarland, Paul Jansen, Demetre Young, and Nikolaus Jansen all from Petersburg Indiana started out doing video reviews, specifically food reviews, but decided they wanted to migrate to what is considered a proper setup. Thus prompting their studio to be converted into more of a podcast/interview room. 

Like other podcasts they discuss their topics beforehand and have a general plan of what they want to cover, ideas come from the host and all the co-host as a collective group.

When it comes to finding this podcast and where to listen they are on the following sources: Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Breaker, Pocket Casts and Radio Public. By sharing their podcast on several distribution sites they are able to spread their name and brand around, along with sharing their page and social media to other businesses.

When asked about their future and how they want to further their podcast, they said that they want to grow a steady community of listeners. Not only this but they want to do more on location podcasts with various people from industries.

They have been fortunate to have local companies, and audio companies donate to the podcast and of course their listeners have given them their valued time. If you have ideas for them or want to send them something to talk about or even an item they will soon have a designated address to send products to.

As you can see, podcasts are becoming a large outlet for people to share their thoughts and opinions. Look at any podcast and they are all unique in their own way. COVID-19 while bad has sparked an uproar in a business that many never would have thought to give a try. 

So check out the podcasts above and venture out and find one that is just right for you. You may fall in love and decide to start your own some day. Anyone can do it, maybe it is your turn to jump into the podcast world and give others joy.