The season of romance: Thoughts on Valentine’s Day & Love

The season of romance: Thoughts on Valentines Day & Love

Lucas Riley, News Editor

When someone thinks of Valentine’s Day, the first thing that often comes to mind is love and romance. But what is love? Can anyone even perfectly describe what love is or will it always be an ongoing question? 

The dictionary describes love as: “An intense feeling of deep connection.” However, love is different for everyone. Some picture love as what you may see in movies, or what you read in books, or even people might say that love is dangerous and painful. The point is that no one can put a definition on love because love is broad and unique in its own way. 

Xan Hardy, Biomedical Science, from Vincennes, described love in five words. 

“The five most important aspects of love for me would be trust, compassion, laughter, faithful, and brave,” he said.

 Hardy also stated love for him is an indescribable feeling. 

“It’s when you are completely devoted to someone and they feel the same about you. When I am with that person I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I just know I am supposed to be with them. They are the first and last thing I think about everyday and that is what love is to me.”

Some people may not know that Valentine’s Day originated in the year of 496 and it started as a Roman festival called “Lupercalia” and it was created to celebrate love. They would send messages of love and affection to partners, friends, and family.

Haley Robertson, Funeral Service, from Evansville, stated love for her is when “a person never lets me down they make me feel safe and protected at all hours of the day. It is when someone can accept me for who I am. They love me for my good but they also love me for my flaws as well.  At the end of the day I know they are there for me,” she said. 

If Robertson had to describe the love she has for her boyfriend in one sentence it would be, “The love I have for him makes my stomach uneasy but in a good way it feels like butterflies are flying around and just the thought of him makes me giggle,” she stated.

Shelby Taylor, Nursing, from Washington, said she knew she was in love by the way she felt when she was with her significant other. 

Taylor stated, “He was patient with me and he is my best friend and that’s all I could ever ask for. He made me feel better on the worst of my days, he would always listen to me and is always a shoulder to cry on. He is everything I could ever ask for.” 

The point is that love can be whatever you want it to be. There is no right or wrong answer. People love in so many different ways anywhere from family, friends, significant others, self love, even your favorite food but love is what keeps us going and that’s what Valentine’s Day is about. So therefore anyone reading this Happy Valentines Day and make sure you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you also if you are alone on this holiday know that you are loved.