Thoughts on Graduation

Reid McClure, Guest Writer

It’s been more than three years since I first started here in Vincennes University. This will be the last story I’ll write for The Trailblazer as a student because I will be graduating after the semester is over.

     I’ve written a lot of stories with this newspaper team and made many friends along the way.

     My first experience with newspaper writing started from high school where I was given the opportunity to write for the school’s paper. At first I treated it like a side hobby, but as time went on I learned how to write better and developed related skills as a journalist, like interviewing.

     So what are my plans after I graduate from VU? To be honest, I haven’t given it much thought.

     But my main goal is to still be a part of popular culture in some way. To do that, I will get a job working for a gaming magazine company.

     Will I be able to achieve that goal? I don’t know.

     But if I learned anything throughout my whole life, it is that no dream is impossible to achieve, but what you do with that dream and how to get it is on you.

    I want to share my gratitude to everyone who has read my stories throughout my time being a student here at The Trailblazer, that includes my friends and family members.

    I also want to thank the former and current staff members who were with me when I was still there as we all helped each other.

     Lastly, I want to thank Professor Emily Taylor for being a great professor and giving me a lot of advice on being a story writer.

     I wish everyone here in VU the best of luck as I prepare to keep on riding toward my goal.