New gaming suite opens in Business Building

Club Spotlight: Gaming Club

Reid McClure, Guest Writer

The Gaming Club at Vincennes University recently hosted an event to celebrate the grand opening of the newest gaming room known as the Holodome Gaming Suite.

This event took place Friday, Oct. 18 in the Wathen Business Building. The Holodome is a place where students can socialize among others as they all play various video games.

There are different ways to play in the social area such as PC games, VR (virtual reality) games, an arcade machine that features many classic games and even a Dance Dance Revolution Pad. This social hub is also a place for students with gaming degrees that can come together to develop games.

“It’s like our video arcade of dreams,” said Jaci Lederman, the department chair of Information Technology.

Lederman said that the Holodome was created for the purpose of having many students collaborate with each other. Students can socialize, play games and show off their talent at the suite.

“It’s a great place to calm down and chill out with friends,” said Evan Ryan, law enforcement and conservation major from Sellersburg.

For more information about the
Holodome, visit the Business Building.