Career Center offers advice for students seeking part-time jobs

Khadijah Doumbia, Staff Writer

Getting a job while in college is something many VU students have looked into. Being a college student can be very expensive and having a job helps out with paying for books, food and miscellaneous items tremendously. VU has resources on campus to help students find a job that works well with their schedule and help them earn the money they need.

Donna Taylor Bouchie, interim director of the Career Center, shared some advice for students seeking jobs.

When helping a student find a job, she said the most important thing to determine is if and on-campus or an off-campus job is a better fit.

Having a job while in school can have an effect on a student, Bouchie said.

“When students work they are much more structured, and when they have down time they know they have to study instead of procrastinating,” she said.

She added that work experience as a student can help out down the road.

“I know employers want students that can show they can work and go to school… I’ve had employers tell me that,” she said.

Taylor Held, a pre-law major from Freelandville, works on campus in the Career Center.

She said that working in the career center has helped her meet new people in the office and around campus.

Held loves that she can learn new office tasks while also being able to get her homework completed.

Held explained how having an on campus job has not affected her social and academic life too much.

“My sister plays volleyball in the evenings, so I don’t have to miss those games,” she said.

In comparison to Held’s previous experience working off campus , what she does in the Career Center is more laid back and allows her to have more of a social life in the evenings.

The Career Center is located on the second floor of Vigo Hall. More information is available by e-mailing [email protected]