Students browse future options at annual Transfer Fair

Admissions representatives encourage questions

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Students browse future options at annual Transfer Fair

Cheuk Yiu (Noel) Lee, Editor

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For several students, transferring to another school after earning their associate’s degree from Vincennes University is a goal to reach to their dream job.

In hopes of showing school options and providing an easy access to different four year universities, Vincennes University hosted the second annual Transfer Fair in Jefferson Student Union on Oct. 3. There were 19 institutions’ booths, ranging from Indiana to Kentucky and Illinois available for students to explore. Representatives were prepared with plenty of catalogs that listed majors and programs offered, school tuition and more for students to reference.

John Kelly, sophomore, business management, Indianapolis, commented that the fair was useful and had given him a brief idea of school options and what kind of school are suitable for him. He has not decided on a specific school yet. But he believes transfer counselors from different schools will help him out.

The school representative from the University of Indianapolis encouraged students to ask more questions. Admissions representatives would love to answer all the questions, including major options, methods to apply school, financial aid, scholarship offering, credit hours transferring, etc. Students are also welcome to call the admissions office if they have any questions.

Samantha Brandt, the transfer counselor of Marian University, advised students who are just starting in college to first take core subjects, since these courses such as mathematics, English writing and public speaking could transfer to all institutions across Indiana. So students could easily earn credits and avoid taking extra credit hours after transferring or changing majors.

Michelle Moulton, counselor from Indiana State University, encouraged students to try their best to accomplish a better GPA. This could gain more school options for them and help them transfer successfully. Meanwhile, Moulton pointed out that visiting campus allows students to get more insight about the school.

After having a deeper understanding about the school, applying earlier has always been strongly suggested. The representative from University of Indianapolis emphasized that students should start the transferring processes earlier since “it would be a headache, not enjoyable, stressful processes if students wait until the last minute to apply,” she said. To prevent such an experience, getting the transcripts complete and sent are crucial, too.

Finally, transfer counselors understood that transferring to a bigger school is a scary, daunting process for some students, but Moulton confirmed, “there are people at every institution help you along the way, so don’t be terrified to the point you can’t worry about the transfer, […] we can take good care of transfer students. [I will] encourage students to move forward!”


“Keep working hard, don’t be afraid to ask questions and keep your options open.”

–transfer counselor from the University of Indianapolis