Aulbrey Cates


I am Aulbrey Rose Cates, but you can call me Aulbs, Aulberry, Bre-Bre, or Brey. I was born on May 4, Star Wars Day, and I am 18. The town I grew up in is Elnora, Indiana, but after my eighth grade year I moved to Washington, Indiana. Elnora is a small town surrounded by corn fields, and most people just drive through it. I am majoring in Journalism, and eventually I want to make it a double major and add on pre-law. My goal after all my schooling is to be a lawyer. I can play the drums, and I am currently learning how to play the ukulele. I really enjoy music, and I can listen to about anything. My favorite song right now is Body Count by Jessie Reyez.